Customer Case Study

• Logo design
• Printing
• Website design

Ash came to see us in January with a whole host of ideas for his business.

He understood that to have the edge on all the other personal trainers in an extremely competitive market he had to stand out in order to take his business to the next level.

We started by tidying up his old dated logo and created him a new strong identity using red and black. We then designed and printed him a business card with his new branding. A business card is one of the most important pieces of your marketing. It’s often the first impression that people will get of your business. In Ash’s case he wanted to be confident that he created a good impression when he gave his card to a potential client. Do you really want to be handing over a poorly designed, badly printed business card? Chances are, it’s going straight in the bin.

Fortunately for Ash we printed his business cards on a 400gsm Matt Laminated card and he instantly looked more credible.

These little investments might not seem like a lot at the time but it could be the difference between winning or loosing a client. If given the choice between a trainer who presents you with a professional business card and one who scribbles their contact details down on a scrap of paper, I think we know who a majority of us would choose. If they don’t treat their business seriously by investing in good design and print will they really treat your training seriously?

Next step was to design him a new website that clients could check out after they took his business card. We built him a mobile-friendly website ( that not only provided information about his services and qualifications but also allowed clients to log-in and book/pay for sessions with him. This was another big advantage over his competitors. The clients life is made much easier by being able to pay in advance rather than having to remember to take money to each session. It also made things easier for Ash as he is able to keep up to date with who has paid and who needs to pay. Less time doing admin and chasing money means more time for training and making money!

The final steps for Ash were to create him a folder that he could give to new clients full of information about nutrition and workouts. Rather than just stapling a few pieces of paper together to give to them, he has a fully branded folder that oozes professionalism. For inside of these packs we created him a ‘refer a friend’ flyer so he can continue to grow his client base with customer referrals. A customer is more likely to fill in one of these forms rather than jot contact details down on a piece of paper.

We caught up with Ash recently and he said that he has gained more clients and referrals in these last few months than ever before.

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